Our team has been in your shoes. We are brand owners who have built and sold our own beauty companies. We have innovated and iterated, bootstrapped and self-funded, created communities of loyal customers, attracted investors, and sold to acquirors. We know what it takes to succeed as a beauty brand. Now, we want to help you.
With over 25 years in Prestige and Mass-tige beauty
Inspired to Make a Difference
We have always been at the forefront of the ever-changing retail landscape. We are a team of brand strategists, revenue accelerators, digital distributors, social media activators, and community curators
The Three Areas of Our Business
 We have built successful beauty brands from the ground up
  • We are a beauty incubator
    We create the branddistribution, and sales roadmap, as well as provide the financial guidance necessary, to hatch successful beauty brands.

  • We are a beauty accelerator
    We utilize digital marketing methodologies proven to work in the beauty industry to accelerate sales growth.
  • We are a beauty connector
    We use our extensive network to connect beauty brands with potential investors, partners and buyers.
We have built successful beauty brands from the ground up
Our contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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